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This collection began as a Halloween flash fiction writing contest on Facebook, sponsored by Sharon Van Orman. This is not one person’s achievement, but a collective of people from around the block and around the world. Enjoy these spooky bits, for they are what makes Halloween special!

“Hal L. O’ween” is the pen-name of a group of writers from around the world that have joined together to ‘scare your pants off!’

Each ‘Halloween Horror Flash Fiction Contest’ story, sponsored on Facebook by Sharon Van Orman, was approved and contributed to this anthology for your ‘enjoyment’.

The individual authors retain ALL the rights to these stories.

Many thanks go to the following writers—without their involvement, this collection wouldn’t have been possible:

Devin Berglund, Brian Bigelow, Melissa Blume, Carol Bond, Michelle Patricia Browne, Jaleta Clegg, Richard Cotton, Russell Cruse, J. A. Cunningham, Toy Davis, Bella Doerres, Debra Elliott, Jiva Fang, Paul Freeman, Joseph Alan Gharagheer, Pamela Griffiths, Erik Gustafson, Denise Hemphill, Bruce Hesselbach, Rob Holliday, Katrina Jack, Gerald D. Johnston, Mel L. Kinder, Merita King, Pamela K. Kinney, Neil Leckman, Tracy Lesch, Rosemary Lynch, Ellen McKinney, Wolfen Lee McKoy, Shannon Marie Mead, Jason Mueller and C. L. Foster, Matthew Christopher Nelson, Sharon Van Orman, Patrick Ottuso, Cheryl C. Ramirez, Martin Reaves, Katherine Rochholz, Kincaid Savoie, Adam Sifre and Splinker, Gretchen Steen, Michael L. Turner, Rahima Warren, Richard A. Wentworth, Lisa Williamson, Sherill Willis, Stephen L. Wilson, Kay D. Ziegler.

We are “Hal L. O’ween”


A digital water color I did on the iPad using the Drawing Box app. I might write a short story to go with it later.

Here is the same pic ran through Instagram

Making A Name

Posted: October 15, 2012 in writing

As a self-published author, it is a lot of work trying to make a name for yourself. That is unless you have the financial resorces to help easy the way. What I ment by that is – if you have the cash – you can get a good marketing service/ marketer, pay for professional cover designs, professional level editing, so on and so forth.

I for one, do not have such financial resorces. Having started on my journey as a self-published author back in 2011, have learned a lot, but still have a lot to learn. I take the title of ‘self-published’ to the fullest, doing everything myself outside of editing. My editor is not a professional, but is good at what they do, and at the price I pay can’t be beat. As for marketing I’m still looking for the best approach, trying every thing that has the price tag of free: twitter, blogs, Facebook, G+, every reading/ writing group I can find. Have I been sucessful? I have sold some books, so I would say, yes. Am I a huge hit? No, like I said it’s hard to make a name for yourself.

The stories I write are one hundred percent original. I had read somewhere that for a self-published author tryin to get their name known, they need to write what is currently the hot topic. Now that might be true, but I want to write my own story, even if it is ‘different’. I have a bunch of great stories that I want to tell, and non of them have 50 shades of grey, they are all sorts of colors.

That’s all I have for now, I got to get back to work.

Pages VS Word

Posted: October 14, 2012 in writing
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I do a lot of writing on the go using either my iPad or iPhone. My preferred APP to use is Apples Pages, while on either said device. When I am at my computer, I download my files from iCloud so that I can continue my writing using MS Word. Something I have yet to figure out, is how Pages counts more words in my document then MS Word.

I had exactly 1,500 words while using MS Word, once I uploaded to iCloud and opened it up in Pages, it said I had 1,504 words. I have yet to count each word myself to see which software is correct, one of these days I will.

Has anyone else noticed this?

Last Travels

Posted: October 14, 2012 in Flash Fiction, writing

Just added a new flash fiction story to my ever growing list.

Last Travels.

Read the Prologue and first three chapters of ‘Revenge So Sweet’ on Wattpad.

It was late at night / early morning, the thunder roared while the lightning lit the path for the storm to follow. Settling down in my cozy recliner coffee in hand, I prepared to lay forth – to digital paper – some new content on my current W.I.P..

With iPad in lap the Bluetooth keyboard all synced, and the Pages app open, I began my quest. The words began to flow – like the rain running down thewindow before me -transforming from my thoughts into little black letters illuminated by the white screen behind them.

My fingers were moving as fast they could. The rumbling of thunder fit perfectly with the mood of the story that I currently lay forth. Everything was going good, until it happened. I never saw it coming, or else, I would have prepared for it. It wasn’t until I had awakened, that I realized what had taken place. Thank god for the backspace, and delete buttons, I had fallen asleep while typing. The thunder storm out side was too soothing.


If It’s Monday, It Must be Murder……with free give away.

? often asked to authors/…

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“? often asked to authors/writers What inspires you to write? To be honest, I don’t need to be inspired I just need time” – J. A. Cunningham on Twitter


Check out all the great stories in this Halloween themed flash fiction contest.

Mine is #B12 no comments or voting until Monday.