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book description

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book description.


From ‘2013: The Harvest’ Chapter 21 Scene 1

“But, Captain,” Unit 11 cried out. The human had already raised the blade to its  own throat, slicing it wide open before he could continue his protest.

From ‘2013: The Harvest’ Chapter 17 scene 1

“I’m sorry if this makes you feel uncomfortable… But I need to do this.” Carol said as she reached up putting her arms around his neck — pulling him in close — she pressed her lips against his giving him a wet passionate kiss before pulling away.

From ‘2013: The Harvest’ Chapter 20

“I thought they was taking humans hostage, not flat out murdering them.” Ralph said, sickened by the sight of the mother and her children murdered without a chance to fight back.

~ J. A. Cunningham

Her long blond hair, waved wildly in the cool spring breeze; her torn and battered clothing waved just the same. Licking her lips, her dark crimson colored lipstick glistened in the sun.

As she continued to stare at the flowing meadow before her, her pupils slowly relaxed letting her emerald green corneas show. The colors around her became vivid, as her sight went from a dull greyscale, to a full color spectrum.

Standing there for what seemed like an eternity three things weighed heavy on her mind: how did she get here, and the more she thought about it, she didn’t know who, or what she was.