One-Line Monday

Posted: March 4, 2013 in Books, One-line Monday, writing
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One-Line Monday

Chapter 13, Scene 3 from ‘2013: The Harvest’[1]

Herald shrugged his shoulders, “Well… I am what you could call a techie, but as for the radios I don’t fully understand them. This particular radio is one of our first generations, they communicate on a custom radio signal one of our men designed I believe his name is Scott. The radius of the signal is unknown to me all I know is it can’t contact Noah’s Ark. I have been told about the second generation of radios Scott successfully made. They are capable of communication from and to any point with no radios cap. Oh, and they are powered by the Infinity Ore, they found it acts like an energy source with no limit to its power.”

  1. Want to know more about 2013: The Harvest? CLICK HERE  ↩


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