One-Line Monday

Posted: June 17, 2013 in Books, One-line Monday, writing
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One-Line Monday

Chapter11 , Scene 3 from ‘2013: The Harvest’[1]

“I would have to say, as long as our seat belts hold up, we would survive with minimal damage.” Todd replied, “I have built this thing to be almost indestructible. Every part that could be, was made from Infinity Ore. The only damage we might take would be the gunner stations being ripped off the top. If that were to happen, the gunner stations alone should also survive the fall with minimal damage.” Todd looked over at Leroy with a grin on his face, “at least that’s what I figure would happen, I obviously have never tested it.”

  1. Want to know more about 2013: The Harvest? CLICK HERE  ↩


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