One-Line Monday

Chapter 4, Scene 1 from ‘2013: The Harvest’[1]


Unit 700 stooped down and picked up something off the ground. “Hey guys what is this tiny little species here.” He asked, as he held out his hand.

Unit 42 came over taking a closer look. “That is what humans call a cockroach, or what we call Unit 27’s mother.” He let out a series of short laughs Unit 27, and Unit 201 laughed with him. No one else had any idea what he was talking about.

Unit 700 examined it again. “It appears to be the only thing that survived the final purge.” He squashed it between his thumb and finger, “I thought it would have been tougher than that, being able to withstand the blast and all.”

  1. Want to know more about 2013: The Harvest? CLICK HERE
  1. semilton77 says:

    Hey when is this one coming out. Hey I am on my last chapter. Are you still gonna do my artwork? Let me know please. Shane

    • 2013: The Harvest will be out later this year. Yes, I still want to do your artwork. When do you need it by?

      • semilton77 says:

        Well I am planning on releasing in may. Already a quarter of the way through the last chapter so the rough draft of the book will be done in 1 to 2 weeks then about 3 weeks of editing and that’s it I think. Am really looking forward to the harvest. From what I’ve read it’s gonna be awesome.

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