About Digital Scribe

A blog about writing, reading, and many other topics. On my blog you will find info on my publications, W.I.P.’s, and some of my art work.

Starting in 2013, I will be posting one line from my past and future manuscripts. This will be called One-Line Monday.

Sometime mid 2013, I will start what I will call ‘Random Wednesday’ where I will post random writing.[1]

* Note: with my busy schedule, I will post blogs and updates as often as I can. *

About me James A. Cunningham ‘J. A. Cunningham’
Born and raised in Kansas, where I still reside with my wife and three kids. I am an artist and writer. I have been drawing every since I can remember, and writing off and on throughout my life. I didn’t go public with my writing until 2007 posting short stories through the web on various pages. I took the first step in the journey of self publishing October of 2011, when I published a short story titled ‘Waking Up Dead’. September of 2012, I published my first Novella titled ‘Revenge So Sweet’. All my publication can be found at most major eBook retailers.

Out side of writing and working on art, I enjoy playing video games with my family along with riding motorcycles, programming, cooking on the grill, fishing, weight lifting, watching wrestling/MMA/UFC, and many other things.

  1. Random writing: Drabble, micro- short stories, and or flash-fiction; not associated with any of my current writing, but could end up in future writing. All Random writing (C) J. A. Cunningham 2013  ↩