Last Travels

This short story came in 6th place in flash fiction contest hosted by Indies Unlimited on 10/10/2012 to read all entries Click Here.

Last Travels

By: J. A. Cunningham

    The apocalypse had wiped out almost everyone in existence. Steven had been wondering alone for days on end, looking for more survivors. Scourging for food, he feasted on small animals: be it a mouse, rat, opossum, skunk, or rabbit. Expending his last match many days ago, all his meals were eaten raw. Steven was desperate and had no other choice.

Throughout his travels, he had worn the soles of his shoes down to nothing. Removing them and going barefoot, his feet became blistered and bloody from the rough terrain. His face and exposed body covered in scrapes and scabs oozing with infections. Fatigued and sore, he pushed himself on.

Painfully walking down the highway, he didn’t know which one, or where it even lead, he just hoped to find someone, anyone. After what seemed like an eternity, he saw in the distance what appeared to be a power plant of sorts. Smoke rising from the stacks showed it was operating. Excitement spread throughout his consciousness, for he had finally found more survivors, he hoped.

As he proceeded, a car quickly came into view, stopping a good distance in front of him. Picking up his pace, thinking he was finally safe, Steven painfully limped his worn out body toward the car. As he approached, a guy leaned out the passenger window yelling: “zombie”, as he opened fire with an AK47. Steve only felt the first bullet as it hit him dead between the eyes, the rest were just over kill.


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