Sanitary Diner

This short came in fith place in a contest held on 09/01/2012 by Indies Unlimited click here to see all entries

Sanitary Diner

By: J. A. Cunningham

   Danny closed his eyes, thinking back to that day. It felt like yesterday. It was a mid- December day; a light snow had fallen, the air was cold and crisp. Danny had been driving for hours. Stressed out from the slick driving conditions and starving for a good meal, he pulled into the Sanitary Diner. He passed by the Diner at least twice a day and had always thought about stopping. But today would be his first visit, and his last.

After placing his order, Danny took a seat by the window and waited for his food. Upon arrival, it looked and smelled delightful. He had ordered the jalapeño bacon burger with a side of cheesy curly fries. Danny could still taste the charbroiled flavor.

As he was enjoying his burger, another customer had arrived. Danny recognized the voice. It was Harold, Danny’s ex-wife’s boyfriend. Harold sat down at the booth in front of Danny, with his back towards him, trying to avoid confrontation. Danny’s eyes filled with hatred. Harold had taken Danny’s wife from him. He had told himself over and over  that if he ever saw Harold in public, he would kill him. It was now or never. Taking the plastic knife that came in his condiment package, Danny stood up and stabbed Harold repeatedly in the side of the neck.

As the burning sensation from the lethal injection spread, Danny opened his eyes.

“My only regret” Danny said with a smile “was eating the jalapeños.”


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