The Rescue

This short cam in seventh place in a contest held 08/09/2012 by Indies Unlimited click here to see all entries

The Rescue

By: J. A. Cunningham

   I have returned, my furry friend.” Claremont meowed quietly. “The troops have been rounded up; they should be arriving shortly.”

Letting out a light growl, Scruffy walked to end of his leash. “They had better be. I don’t know how much more I can take,” Scruffy whimpered. “I have taken the fall for you guys for the last time. You don’t realize the limitations of “the leash” until you’ve been sentenced,” he barked in a low almost whispering tone.

Claremont walked up, rubbing against Scruffy. “I know, my furry friend, for that the gang is very grateful,” he said with a purr. “When the gang arrives, we will get you out of here for good.”

They showed up one by one. Bruno was the first to arrive, followed by Felix, Wilson, Ringo and lastly, Abby. Once the gang had united, they sprang into action. Claremont was the lookout and Abby was the distraction. Wilson and Ringo started working on Scruffy’s collar, it was their specialty. Meanwhile, Bruno quickly went to work on the escape route, he had to work quick. The two legged beasts that ran the yard would only fall for Abby’s distraction for a few moments.

Right as Ringo and Felix got Scruffy’s collar off, Claremont sounded the alarm. “Two legs, two legs!” He meowed as everyone took off running.

Scruffy dove for the hole Bruno had dug, escaping under the fence. “Finally, I am free,” he barked joyfully as he ran to catch up with the cats.


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