2013: The Harvest – Chapter 2


Chapter 2


Red and green lights filled the screen that sat before Captain. Letting out what could have been laughter, he slid his fingers across the screen following the green lights. “Look at them move. What a pathetic species they are.”

“Captain, do you want us to go full blast, and end it?”

Tapping on the screen with his long crooked fingers, Captain took a moment to reply. “Yes let’s end it. We only want the stronger, and smarter members of the species”

Unit 253 punched away at the control panel preparing to boost the power of the canons. “Unit 376, and Unit 145, activate full power to all vessel canons. Captain’s orders, lets end it.”

Thousands of lights on the wall went from yellow to red, giving the cockpit of the mother ship a red interior glow. If Captain’s face was capable of smiling, he would have been. “Unit 253, when was the last time you had visited this planet?”

“I made a test trip back in what I believe the humans called nineteen ninety nine. Why, Captain, why do you ask?” Unit 253 replied while continuing to tap away at the control console.

“I was wondering if you had been here recently, you might have an idea of how many below surface dwellings they have.” The captain replied tapping at the screen while he watched, the green dots started disappearing quickly.

“You might ask, Unit 375, and Unit 376, I do believe they had surveyed the planet two cycles ago.”

The captain nodded his head, “Ah, yes! Why did I not think of those two?” He motioned at Unit 253, “Now back to annihilating the lesser species.”


 Unit 53 brought his vessel in just above cloud level. Opening the power to his canon up to full power, he couldn’t help but get excited. Having waited over two thousand years for this moment, he wanted to enjoy it. The captain had given strict orders, not to get to far into the atmosphere. Unit 53 didn’t care.

Watching his monitor as everything his canon struck incinerated before him, Unit 53 was too busy laughing to see that he had dropped in elevation. Turning to the left to follow a large group of humans running thousands of feet below, Unit 53 looked up as he crashed straight into the side of a mountain.

Having no time to eject, Unit 53 held on to the sides of his pilot seat with a death grip. The vessel collided nose first slamming the bottom side hard against the mountain wall. Sliding down the wall the vessel began flipping end over end as the top stuck the wall it caved in pinning him into his seat. The vessel continued its descent picking up speed while flipping the vessel into a tumbling spin. Coming to rest at the bottom of the mountain, the vessel looked like the loser of a crash up derby. Unit 53 tried to free himself from the cockpit, but felled. His head was throbbing and his left arm had no feeling to it. Managing to get his right arm somewhat free, he pushed with all his might trying to force the hatch open. Sudden pain shot throughout his left side, causing him to retract his effort. Pushing at the wreckage that pinned down his left side, Unit 53 found the reason for his pain. Part of his vessel had broken off piercing through his upper-arm, and impaling him in the side. He was helpless—blood was pouring out of the wound at a rapid rate, his vision was starting to fade—pinned in his vessel with no way to call for help. “This is not how I am supposed to go,” He screamed. “I haven’t got to dissect a human yet.” He gave one last effort to free himself, pushing once more on the cockpit door. His vision faded to black as he passed.


Captain and Unit 253 directed their attention to the wall of red lights in the captains bay of the mother ship. A high pitched buzzing sounded as one of the lights turned blue.

Captain stood up clenching his right fist, “what’s going on, Unit 253, whose vessel is that?”

Unit 253 quickly went to work punching away at the console, “Captain, it would appear that was vessel number 975 assigned to Unit 53.”

“What has happened? Have they already began to stand up to us?” Captain demanded an answer.

“I am running a diagnostics report on his vessel right now.” Unit 253 started to panic, “I… I… can’t connect to the vessels database, Captain, it appears to be out of commission.” Frantically punching away, he had to find something.

Captain flared his nostrils as he blew out a heavy frustrated breath. “Call back the…”

“Sorry, Captain, I had found a data loop-back that was transmitted back to our mainframe, moments before the vessel went out of commission.” Unit 253 said cutting the captain short. “It looks as he has crashed into a land structure. Yes, he most definitely did, there was no human interference.”

Sitting back down in his seat Captain stroked what chin he had. “Send the footage to my console. If this was clearly an act of stupidity, then I will kill him myself… if he is not dead already.” Captain was silent while he reviewed the footage. “Tell you what.” He paused while looked at the red and green dots on the screen, he had been watching earlier. Most of the green dots had been replaced by red ones, the captain nodded his head in approval. “Call all attack vessels back to Mother Ship. It’s time to release the final purge.” The look in Captain’s eyes was one of pure joy.

“Oh, yes! The final purge.” Unit 253 let out a hideous laugh as he sent the command message to all vessels.


 The attack vessels traveled just past the speed of light, it had only taken a few minutes before all had returned. Unit 375 hurried to get up to the command center. He needed to report to Captain that one of the vessels had not yet returned. Upon entering he noticed the blue light flashing amongst the many now yellow lights.

“We have a man down?” he asked.

The captain motioned for him to come over. “Yes, Unit 53, I’m sure that does not surprise you.”

“Not at all, Captain.” He replied shaking his head. “Was it human interaction? How did they even see him?”

Slamming his hand against his console, “No, he is a foolish unit. Disobeying orders he crashed into a land structure.” The captain flared his nostrils, “If he is not dead when, or if we find him, I will kill him myself. Now go inform the others that if they see him bring him to me alive.”

“Yes, Captain.”

“Wait, before you go.” Captain spun around in his seat to face Unit 375, “after you have spread the word find Unit 376 and return to me, I need to ask you guys something.” He motioned for him to leave.

“As you command, Captain.”

Unit 253 was busy at the control console numerous lights lighting up all over the place as he punched away. “All systems go, ready when you are, Captain.” He announced as the control switched raised up on Captain’s console, flashing red.

Captain raised his hand stretching out one of his long crooked fingers, his eyes turned from yellow to red as he pressed the button. The mother ship went dark as all the power shifted to the purge canon. A loud humming filled the ship as the cannon fired a single blast. Regaining power Unit 253 quickly got the main screen on to watch the destruction take place.

The blast from the cannon hit the most center ground of earth. Everyone who had survived the first wave of the attack felt the impact. Shaking the ground hard enough any building still standing collapsed. The blast sent a wave across the earth’s surface that stood from ground to sky. Finding every nuke and cranny as it washed over earths surface, the wave instantly incinerated all life forms in its path. Once the wave reached all ends of earth, just like a giant nuclear bomb it back-lashed sucking back in towards the point of impact.

The final purge was complete.


“All units prepare for entry. I repeat, all units prepare for entry.” Captain commanded over the intercom. Unit 375 and Unit 376 had just entered the command center at the time of the announcement. “Grab a seat, Units, enjoy the ride.” Motioning towards the empty seats at the console by Unit 253. “We will talk once we have landed and begin sitting up headquarters.”

“Yes, Captain.” They replied taking their seats.

As they began their descent into the earth’s outer atmosphere, the huge mother ship began to shake. “Steady Units, keep her steady.” Units 375, 376, and 253 were working frantically at leveling the ship out. “That’s it nice and smooth.” Captain said as she smoothed out continuing her descent. Mother ship was built to take on all sorts of abuse, there was no worries as to her holding together during the descent. Losing control and taking a rough landing is all the captain was trying to avoid. Breaking through the inner atmosphere the shaking returned, the Units were quick at work to correct it before the captain had a chance to say anything. “Very good Units, now let’s find a place to land. I can’t wait to start collecting our harvest.”

While hovering high above the North American region, Unit 253 did a quick survey of the land looking for a large enough area to house Mother Ship. “Here we go, Captain, what have you say of this location.” Bringing the display up on the central viewing console, he pointed out the dark red thermal patterns. “This location shows potential of volcanic activity, it should feel like home.”

Captain got up and took a closer look at the console, “Yes that should be good. Looks like plenty of room to set up.”

Unit 375 took a look at the console and let out a faint laugh. “The humans, call this place Yellowstone. Funny, I never did see any yellow stone.” He let out another laugh, “they also said it was going to bring them doom… I guess they were right.”

Captain returned to his seat giving the command, “Set the coordinates, and light-speed us there.”

“As you command.”


Once they had landed all units were divided up, some to start constructing headquarters, most were sent out to start the harvesting. Captain and Units 253, 375, and 376 stayed on Mother Ship. Unit 253 had started preparing the teleport station, so that when headquarters was complete more troops could be sent.

Units 375 and Unit 376 went with Captain to the meeting hall. “Tell me, Units, do you have any idea of how many underground dwellings these humans might have?” The captain asked. He began to grow irritated as they whispered amongst themselves.

Unit 375 patted Unit 376 on the shoulder, “I got this brother. Sorry Captain, we was just discussing what to tell you.”

“Well, tell me already.”

“You see, we don’t know the answer to that question. We have always monitored the behavior and breeding habits of the humans.” He looked over at Unit 376 who was nodding his head. Unit 970, went on a dwellings survey and was never seen again.”

Captain flared his nostrils, “I remember hearing about that. We need to find out if any other Units might know. I watched the console during the first wave. A lot of humans disappeared, they might be smarter than we planned.” Captain had started pacing the room, “You two get on the com system and quarry the Units. Report your finding to me immediately.”

“Yes, Captain, we’re on it.” Unit 375 replied.

Unit 376 stopped before he left the room, “Captain, I can tell you this; Most humans lived on top of the surface. Any dwellings underground are not living quarters. Also, the temps drop the further down you go, we might need thermal gear.”

“Good information Unit 376. I will get Unit 253 to contact Leader, as soon as he has established communication with home planet. This may not go as easy as planned.”

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