2013: The Harvest – Chapter 3


Chapter 3


Panic had broken out in Heralds bunker the room was filled with children and adults, crying and screaming. Exhausted, Herald gave up yelling at the top of his lungs, trying to gain control of the group. Sudden silence spread as the bunker began shaking violently.

“What’s happening?” Someone cried out.

“We’re all going to die.” Another voice added.

Herald cupped his hands over his mouth forming a makeshift megaphone, “Listen up, now that everyone has quieted down. I will explain what is going on.”

“The government is behind this, I know they are.” A middle-aged man bellowed.

Herald shook his head in disgust, “let me finish, please.” Looking the middle-aged man directly in the eyes; he dared him to interrupt again. “Now if, I may continue. This is not the end of the world as everyone has talked about. Let me begin by formally introducing myself, I am, Major Herald Jacob Flintbetter. Most of you only knew me as plain old Herald Flintbetter, and none of you even knew I had been in the service. The government,” Herald looked at the man from earlier. “Which had nothing to do with what is happening, had organized a top secret team. This team was formed of the most skilled men and women, I was one of these team members. What was this team for you may be wondering. They wanted this team to research and prove if the Maya calendar ending was indeed the end of the world, or not.”

“You said, you was on the team. What happened to the team?” Daniel asked, lost with in the crowd.

Herald glanced around trying to find where Daniel was at, he had spent so much time with him and his sister over the years, they are the closest thing to family he has. “Daniel, please come to the front of the room, bring your family with you.” He paused looking around, as soon as he saw Tony and the gang moving forward he continued. “Good question, I will answer that in a bit first I need to let you all know what we are going to be doing.”

Herald went on to explain the research the team had done; discovering what they thought to be the truth behind the Maya Calendar. December 21, 2012 was the date in which the alien race known as, Nayams, had told the Maya they would return to earth and collect their crop. As he went on explaining Herald informed them he had been under oath. That is why he had not told anyone about all this before. One thing he would never do is break an oath, he just couldn’t do it, even if it would have saved more people.

“If you are no longer a member of the team, then why keep your oath?” Tony asked.

“Well, that is simple, I am straight up military one-hundred percent. I swear to an oath there is no way I could break it.”

Tony looked at his wife and then back at Herald, “I guess I can accept that. Now you explained this alien attack, or what you guys want us to think is an alien attack. How about explaining this…” Tony spun around with arms stretched out, “this bunker, or whatever you want to call it. It most definitely is not normal.” Raising his eyebrows at Herald, Tony’s look demanded and answer.

Herald grinned at him giving a nod, “I will gladly explain all of this.” Herald walked over to the wall behind him where another black screen was attached. “The team, I was part of was disbanded years ago, but our research and preventative measures did not stop there. All the members have kept in touch, we even added some new members along the way. There are quite a few safe havens like this one spread throughout earth. We have two larger safe havens, the main one is located in Victor, Colorado code named Noah’s Ark. The second is in South America located somewhere in Africa, I’m not sure of the exact location.” Pausing to give anyone the chance to ask questions. Everyone remained silent, all eyes on him. “Our main headquarters and where we will all be calling home is Noah’s Ark.”

“Wo… wo… wo… what do you mean, we will be calling home?” Someone shouted out within the group.

“OK, listen up people. We are under attack by an alien race. Noah’s Ark has been under construction for over twenty years. And before anyone ask no, the government does not know anything about this.” Herald took a deep breath before continuing. “The government disbanded the team, relieving us all from our duties, because they thought we had all went crazy. We took it upon ourselves to prepare for what was coming. That is why these bunkers have been created, we had to keep our operation secret so that the government did not stop us.” Herald placed his hand on the black screen, green lights lit up like the one for the door to the hallway. The hissing sound of air releasing startled everyone. The entire wall began to move slowly revealing some sort of equipment room.


Everything looked as if it belonged on the set of a Science fiction movie. The guns hanging in open cabinets looked familiar, but at the same time looked kind of space age. There was some unique almost armor like suits hanging on the wall next to them. Daniel’s eyes lit up at the sight of everything before him. “These look like they belong in a video game.” He exclaimed, running into the room looking everything over.

Herald followed him, motioning for everyone else to do the same. “I wish these were for video games. Unfortunately, this is real life.” Herald grabbed a gun from the cabinet and tossed it to Tony.

“Wow!” Tony said as he caught it. He had expected it to be heavy—looking like an M16, it should have weighed a lot more. “Why is this so light, are they real?”

Herald tossed a few more guns out to the group. “Yes, they most definitely are real. While doing our research we came across something interesting. You see one of my fellow team members had been doing some digging when they came across some ore. This ore had some unique attributes, and as we soon found out was very universal. This ore when melted down could be used in place of metal and steel. In this form—as you can tell with the guns I just handed out—it is very light. The ammo that is loaded in these guns is also made from the same ore. From test done on some acquired test subjects, this ore in its metal like state is one of the few thing that can penetrate the skin of Nayams.”

Tony was looking the gun over holding it up in a firing stance, “do we get to try them out, see if they really work?”

“No! Ammo is very limited, we need everything we have.” Herald walked over to the suits hanging on the wall. “I wish, I had enough of these for everyone, but I don’t. These suits are made of the exact same ore, not only are they light, they also withstand a great deal of damage.” Herald looked around the room taking a quick head count. “Looks like we have thirty even. How many of you feel that you can operate a machine gun, with good accuracy.”

Everyone looked around at each other as chatter erupted amongst them. Fifteen hands shot up in the air, five of them women, the rest were men including fourteen year old Daniel and his dad Tony.

“Oh, god no!” Amanda screamed as she burst out crying. “My baby, my little boy is not…” she was crying too hysterically, she was not able to continue.

Tony grabbed her in his arms holding her tight against him. “I never thought the world was going to end. You know I don’t believe in all that stuff.” He paused to choke back his own tears. “You have to trust me when I say this is really happening. I am proud of our boy for wanting to help protect us. I will be glad to stand next to my son and defend my family, against these, Nayam sons of …”

“Daddy, I’m scared… I’m really scared daddy.” Kimmy said pulling at Tony’s shirt.

He swooped her up in his arms giving her a great big hug. “I am really scared too, darling. I am too…”


All the weapons and suits had been passed out, Herald only had eighteen suits and seventeen guns. The fifteen that had raised their hand had all been equipped, and instructed on how to use the guns. Daniel was not quite big enough to fit the suit, his mom helped Herald roll up the sleeves and pant legs the best they could.

“Hey dad, we look like we belong on the XBOX.” He sounded excited, the reality of the situation had not fully sunk in yet.

“Yes son, we do.”

Herald took the position at the front of the room again. “All right folks, I am going to try and contact station Eagles Landing. As soon as I find out they are ready we will start our journey.” Picking up what looked like a two way radio, Herald motioned for everyone to stay quiet. “Eagles Landing, this is Hutchinson County, do you have a copy.” Herald waited a few moments and repeated his call.

“Hutchinson County, this is Eagles Landing, we hear you loud and clear. What’s your status?” A female voice responded.

“We are geared up ready to go. Got thirty under my wings.”

“Good number Hutchinson, we have a buss waiting your arrival.”

“On our way.” Herald clipped the radio onto his belt. “All right folks, it’s time to move out. Tony, I want you and your family at the front of the line. Joshua, Cindy, and Travis you all are up front too. The rest of you that are armed will keep up the back of the line. Your only job is to protect everyone in the middle and of course yourself. Any questions?

“Yes.” Joshua said as he came up to the front, “where is Eagles Landing, and how exactly are we getting there?”

“Eagles Landing, is in Syracuse, Kansas just this side of the Colorado border. Unfortunately we will have to travel by foot, unless we find a vehicle that is still operable along the way.” Herald could tell they did not like that, by the snickering that followed. “Sorry folks, I had no way of stashing a vehicle for us. It took a lot just to pull off this bunker.”

Everyone followed as Herald lead the way down the hallway, they were slightly reluctant, but had no other choice. As the door at the end of the hallway opened, Herald brought his gun up into a ready position, the rest of the gunners did the same. Herald stepped out surveying the area giving the signal the path was clear, they proceeded to the exit.

Herald stopped when he felt someones hand tap him on the shoulder.

“Before we proceed, I have one question.” Tony looked confused about something.

“Make it quick, what is it?”

“If we all lost power when this all began, how is it this place and your radio even work?”

Herald grinned, “Like I said earlier, the ore we found is unique. When we make it to Noah’s Ark, I will explain the ore to you if you want to know more.”

“I think, I would love to know more about this ore.” Tony said nodding his head.

Herald triggered the release for the bunker door. The smell that filtered in was horrid, smelling of burnt flesh, trash, plastic, and rubber were a few of the most distinguishable odors along with a sulfuric odor. Herald had prepared them all with breath shields, not knowing what to expect. Herald, Tony, Joshua, and the rest of the front line stood guard making sure everyone made their way out safely. The Kansas landscape looked like a deserted desert, what trees were still standing had been charged; houses had crumbled, it looked like the end of the world.

“All right! Everyone fall into line, it’s time to head out.” Herald called out, everyone began getting in line behind him as they began their Journey to Eagles Landing.

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