2013: The Harvest – Chapter 4

Chapter 4


Unit 27 lead Swarm 5, Captain gave him one order that was to hunt down Unit 53. If he was found alive, they was to contact Captain, immediately. Swarm 5 consisted of Units 27, 42, 315, 201, 449, and 700 all handpicked by the Captain himself. Unit 27 wanted to be on a harvest Swarm, hunting down one of their own was somewhat degrading.

“Let’s look for some humans…and have a little fun.” Unit 27 waited until they were far enough away from the Mother ship before asking. The other five members of his swarm bobbed their heads in agreement. “I thought you all would agree.”

Unit 27 looked at his wrist console. The coordinates of where they believe the last location of Unit 53 had been uploaded prior to their departure. Knowing how bad Unit 53 wanted to get his hands on a human, Unit 27 figured there must have been something that grabbed his attention causing the crash. “If my calculations are correct, we may find something to play with along this path.” He said sending an updated route to the swarm’s wrist consoles. “There has to be a reason he brought his elevation down so low.”

Unit 315 let out what sounded like a light growl, “Did you ever consider, he was just acting stupid and ran into this land structure?”

“Watch it, I have high respect for him.” Unit 27 snapped back.

“You might be the only one here that does.” Unit 315 replied with a growling tone.

Unit 449 walked up smacking both of them in the back of the head. “Will you two stop it? We will follow this path that Unit 27 has laid out for us. We were given one job to do, let’s get it done so that we can join the harvest. If along the way we find some humans,” He let out a chuckle while swinging a bladed weapon. “Well then we have a little fun.”

Unit 27 and Unit 315 scoffed at each other and agreed to move on. The path in which they traveled seemed to go on forever. Rummaging through every broken housing structure they came across in hopes of finding a human. Having found no humans, Swarm 5 began to think the final purge succeeded with wiping them out.

Unit 700 stooped down and picked up something off the ground. “Hey guys what is this tiny little species here.” He asked, as he held out his hand.

Unit 42 came over taking a closer look. “That is what humans call a cockroach, or what we call Unit 27’s mother.” He let out a series of short laughs Unit 27, and Unit 201 laughed with him. No one else had any idea what he was talking about.

Unit 700 examined it again. “It appears to be the only thing that survived the final purge.” He squashed it between his thumb and finger, “I thought it would have been tougher than that, being able to withstand the blast and all.”


The path they traveled was riddled with crumbled houses, melted vehicles, and numerous amounts of unknown debris. Every member of Swarm 5 was fitted with a limited use micro-light-speed pack. The pack allowed them to travel the equivalent of one hundred and fifty miles in a matter of one second, limited to five uses. Unit 27, being the leader of the swarm, had a master switch to activate all six members’ packs instantaneously. As the swarm began to grow irritable, due to lack of finding any humans, Unit 27 thought about speeding up the journey. “At ease, Units.” He commanded, “Let’s check this location for some activity, if nothing is found, I will initiate light-speed.” The silent nodding of their heads showed that they all agreed.


Twelve hours had passed since the Smith’s had taken shelter. The run-down almost forgotten storm cellar finally came in handy for something. George fumbled around the dark shelter, his flashlight batteries had died, and somewhere he remembered seeing some matches now he just needed to find them. “I found the lantern, have those matches turned up yet?” Sara inquired.

The sound of cardboard boxes falling over preceded George’s reply, “Heck no, I haven’t found them.” More boxes fell to the ground, “Remind me why we decided to store all this stuff in here anyways.”

“Well I figured might as well use it for something, you’re lazy, and you wouldn’t dig it up, and fill it in.” Sara fumed. “Do you think it’s safe to go outside yet? It’s getting stuffy in here, and your b.o. is quite ripe.”

“You know what, women?” George scorned, “If, I would have known twenty-five years ago, you would have turned out to be such a…” George and Sara were taken by surprise as the door to the storm cell flung open. The sunlight blinded them as it cut through the darkness.

“G… G… George, what is that?” Sara asked, staring at the silhouette standing in the entranceway.

George swallowed hard. “I… uh, don’t know, but I… uh wish I had a gun right now.”

Unit 315 hit a button on his wrist console sending an alert to the rest of the swarm while rummaging through some large debris, he had uncovered a dwelling with humans inside. It didn’t take long for the swarm to respond Unit 27 was the first to arrive. “What did you find, Unit? It’s not another one of them cockroach things is it, there seems to be a lot of them damn things.” He peered down the hole Unit 315 stood before. “Very good, very good. We finally have something to have some fun with.” mischievously rubbing his hands together, Unit 27 advanced down the stairs.

Standing over seven feet tall, Unit 27 had to hunch over to fit down the confining space of the stairway. Thinking the whole time that the humans had no idea of how to build a good dwelling. Back home he would never have hunch over, they would never have underground dwellings either. As he reached the bottom of the stairs, he was not surprised to find the dwelling was just as height confining, “I come in peace, citizens of planet earth.” He said offering his hand to George.

George looked at Sara with a look of poor fright. Both of them being in their mid-forties had never seen anything the likes of what stood before them. With Unit 27 hunched over they could not see how tall he really was. His dark gray skin looked thick and hardened, almost reptile like. Long bony fingers stuck out from his outstretched arm. His eyes dark yellow no indication of a pupil, shadowed by heavy brows. His odd shaped head set on a long crooked neck. The only clothing he wore looked like thin metal sheets covering his upper torso and mid-section with what looked like a utility belt, and some type of mechanical device strapped to his forearm.

George stepped in front of Sara, slowly making her step backwards. Not knowing what to do, he knew he at least had to protect his wife. “I’m here to help you.” Unit 27 said reaching further towards George. “I know you understand me. I speak the human language.”

George looked over his shoulder at his wife a tear rolled down his cheek. “I am going to go with him…” George tried hard not to show how scared he was. “Whatever you do just stay here, I will try to lure them away so that you can escape.” He whispered to his wife, “Remember whatever happens, I love you.” He stepped away reaching for Unit 27’s hand.

“You fool!” He said grabbing George’s hand nearly crushing it with his grip. “Our hearing is far more superior to that of you pathetic Humans, I heard all of that.” Yanking George to the side he jumped forward grabbing Sara. “None of you humans will be safe.” Unit 27 cackled as he began dragging the couple upstairs.

The five other Units of Swarm 5 stood outside the storm cellar waiting for Unit 27 to return, anxious to finally get their hands on some humans. Their excitement increased when the sounds of Sara screaming filled the quiet air. “How tough do you think their skin is? Unit 700 asked the others.

Unit 315 laughed, “They are fragile skinned, like the Nomads. Just not as fragile.”

Unit 201 shuttered at the thought of, Nomads. “Nomads, I hate, Nomads. It’s because of their damned probing, the humans think every alien is going to probe them.”

“I’ve been probed by them,” Unit 42 shared. “It really wasn’t all that bad.”

The other Units had nothing to say to his statement, right as Unit 700 was about to say something, Unit 27 had emerged from the cellar. George and Sara gave him a little struggle along the way. While he pulled them along by their arms, they kicked and hit at him to no avail. Georges wrist had turned dark red almost purple due to how tight Unit 27 was holding on, Sara’s arm wasn’t too far behind. “Look what I have Units.” he said whipping the couple out from behind him, causing them to crash into each other as they fell to the ground. “The male one thinks he’s going to save the female.” Kicking Georges foot to the side, “Isn’t that funny, I think we shall give him that opportunity don’t you guys?”

The Swarm came in closer, George and Sara slowly gathered themselves up off the ground. Both of them sat there on their knees George held Sara tight in his arms while she buried her face into his chest crying hysterically. “Leave us alone…” George’s voice trailed off when he noticed the neighborhood in which they lived was no more. “It’s really happening. The world is ending.” Releasing his hold on Sara, George step away ready to fight.

Unit 700 cracked his bony knuckles as he advanced towards him. “This is going to be fun.”

“Toy with him Unit, make sure the rest of us get some too.” Unit 27 warned.

George had been in his share of fights over his lifetime, but this time he was going to be fighting for his life against, he had no clue as to what he was against. Sara screamed when she realized what was taking place, it was no use George kept advancing fist held up ready to go.

“This is for Sara, and earth,” George hollered jumping to attack, throwing a vicious right hook at Unit 700.

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