Sites for self publishing

Here is a list of site I have found to help anyone interested in self publishing.

  • – easy to get setup. Offers distribution to almost all eBook retailers (currently in some type of negotiation with Amazon). Couple of things I don’t like about smashwords: 1. Sales reports from iBooks is only every quarter. 2. smashwords only pays royalties out every quarter.
  • – easy to get set up. Offers eBook and print options. eBook distribution is limited. Pays out monthly. Two thing I don’t like about Lulu: 1. lack of eBook distribution channels. 2. Manufacturing cut of print is a little high.
  • – I believe this to be the best site for anyone wanting to self-publish to print. the price cut for manufacturing is more reasonable then Lulu. It is an Amazon company, so it is easy to get you print books marketed on Royalties are payed monthly via check or direct deposit to bank account.
  • Kindle Direct Publishing –  This is by far the best way for self-publishing to Kindle eBooks. It is easy to get set up and going. Royalties are payed monthly via check or direct deposit.

More updates coming soon for this list.


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