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One-Line Monday

Chapter 4, Scene 1 from ‘2013: The Harvest’[1]


Unit 700 stooped down and picked up something off the ground. “Hey guys what is this tiny little species here.” He asked, as he held out his hand.

Unit 42 came over taking a closer look. “That is what humans call a cockroach, or what we call Unit 27’s mother.” He let out a series of short laughs Unit 27, and Unit 201 laughed with him. No one else had any idea what he was talking about.

Unit 700 examined it again. “It appears to be the only thing that survived the final purge.” He squashed it between his thumb and finger, “I thought it would have been tougher than that, being able to withstand the blast and all.”

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From ‘2013: The Harvest’ Chapter 21 Scene 1

“But, Captain,” Unit 11 cried out. The human had already raised the blade to its  own throat, slicing it wide open before he could continue his protest.

2013: The Harvest – Chapter 1.

here is an un-edited excerpt.


Some three thousand years ago, the Mayan’s left behind a warning of what was to come. Over the years, mankind had done their best to decipher what this warning was; as rumors spread about the end of the world, or the end of the world as they knew it. No one knew for sure what was going to take place. All they did know, was that it would happen on December 21, 2012.

Back in 1985, the government put together a group of individuals to make sense out of the Mayan’s prediction. The group consisted of archeologists, scientists, military specialists, and astrologers. Through their research, they had gathered information revealing an invasion of earth from an alien race known as ‘Nayam’s’.

Having believed the group had gone mad, the government disbanded the group, swearing them to secrecy of their findings. Not liking the government’s decision, the group stayed in contact, forming an underground secret organization in hopes of saving mankind.

Major Herald Jacob Flintbetter took charge of the group as they set forth their plans of creating a safe haven in the depths of the goldmines in Victor, Colorado, code named Noah’s Ark. Their biggest challenge was how to get everyone to it. Keeping to their oath, not to speak of the coming event of December 21, 2012 as to not cause any panic, made this task very challenging.

While doing research for the government, the group had discovered a unique ore they named ‘Infinity Ore’. Creating modified weapons, vehicles, and fall-out shelters with the Infinity Ore, they made the task at hand look hopeful.

Herald lived his life outside of the secret organization in Hutchinson, Kansas. Having spent years preparing his custom made fall-out shelter, he hoped his fellow neighbors would take shelter with him when the time comes. Herald and his organization knew they could not save everyone, but they would do their best to save the ones they could.

When December 21, 2012 arrives, carnage unfolds as the Nayam’s reek terror upon the citizens of earth, laying waste to earth as it once was. After the final purge had been completed, the Nayam’s raced out in Harvest Swarms to roundup all of the surviving humans.

After getting everyone prepared, Herald and his neighbors left the safety of the fall-out shelter, starting their journey to Noah’s Ark. With limited communication with his organization, Herald and his group of neighbors must pull together as they face an enemy unlike anyone had seen before.

Follow along in this action packed apocalyptic thriller, as mankind races to the safety of Noah’s Ark. Will Herald, his organization, and the small groups of survivors make it, or will they fall at the hands of the Nayam’s?

‘The Harvest’ book one in the 2013 series coming to Kindles everywhere this January.