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Just released, only for Kindle right now print coming soon. 

Land of Turmoil by Shane Milton 

Book cover done by me. 


The first book in the 2013 series The Harvest is getting really close to being released. I don’t want to give a date of release yet, I seem to jinx myself when I do that. 

I do have a new adventure under way. Out side of writing I do a lot of different things—building things and painting are some of my favorite things. I have decided to open up an online store to sell some of the thing that I build and or paint. For example I like to hand carve nib holders for dip pens. 


These will be some of the thing I am selling. Along with my watercolor paintings.  


I will be selling the original prints at my store with my hand crafted items. 

Wooden Canvas 

You can also buy reprints of my paintings here:


I have a lot of cool stuff coming to the Wooden Canvas store. I’m starting off small in hopes of turning this into something big. 

Please pass along my links to any friends that might be interested. 

Anyway thanks for reading this post. 

Every time I try to get blogs going, I tend to let them go dry. I believe it is because I am not sure what to write about. I mean, I don’t want to bore people, I would like to gain readers not loose them. 

Anyway, I am going to see what I can do to keep this one from drying up. 

I am an artist and everyone loves pictures so here is a pencil portrait I did a couple of weeks ago.  


It has been a while—a long while—since I had done any pencil portraits. I feel it turned out good though. 

Oh, about my book The Harvest  book one of the 2013 series. It is going to be out this year for sure. There was some stuff I had to change that set me back some. That and life got in the way. I’m hoping for a solid release date by the first of next week. 

I will be posting something a little more interesting in the next couple of days. 

I just wanted to get on and say HI to anyone still following my blog posts, and to any new followers. 

Hope you all enjoyed the picture. If you would like to purchase a print visit one of the links below:



Don’t forget to check out the preview of 2013: The Hatvest here: The Harvest

A digital water color I did on the iPad using the Drawing Box app. I might write a short story to go with it later.

Here is the same pic ran through Instagram