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Grab a free copy of 2013: The Harvest from August 1 -5 only on Kindle



I have finally finished the update for 2013: The Harvest. The new version went live today. Check it out exclusively for Kindle. Click here to get your copy

Just released, only for Kindle right now print coming soon. 

Land of Turmoil by Shane Milton 

Book cover done by me. 

The first book in the 2013 series The Harvest is getting really close to being released. I don’t want to give a date of release yet, I seem to jinx myself when I do that. 

I do have a new adventure under way. Out side of writing I do a lot of different things—building things and painting are some of my favorite things. I have decided to open up an online store to sell some of the thing that I build and or paint. For example I like to hand carve nib holders for dip pens. 


These will be some of the thing I am selling. Along with my watercolor paintings.  


I will be selling the original prints at my store with my hand crafted items. 

Wooden Canvas 

You can also buy reprints of my paintings here:


I have a lot of cool stuff coming to the Wooden Canvas store. I’m starting off small in hopes of turning this into something big. 

Please pass along my links to any friends that might be interested. 

Anyway thanks for reading this post. 


One-Line Monday

Chapter 16 , Scene 3 from ‘2013: The Harvest’[1]

“This isn’t a game son, this is real life you don’t get an extra life, reload game, or a restart level option. You get life or death.”

  1. Want to know more about 2013: The Harvest? CLICK HERE  ↩

From ‘2013: The Harvest’ Chapter 17 scene 1

“I’m sorry if this makes you feel uncomfortable… But I need to do this.” Carol said as she reached up putting her arms around his neck — pulling him in close — she pressed her lips against his giving him a wet passionate kiss before pulling away.

2013: The Harvest – Chapter 1.

here is an un-edited excerpt.

Read the Prologue and first three chapters of ‘Revenge So Sweet’ on Wattpad.