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 My thoughts on Daredevil a Netflix exclusive series 

Who would have thought it would have turned out so good. 

I have not watched all Netflix originals, but the ones I have watched looked fairly low budget. Daredevil however—even thought Marvel was behind it—turned out a lot better than I thought it would. Don’t get me wrong it is not perfect—we all know nothing is—but even with its flaws every Daredevil fan will fall in love with this series.

There are 13 episode in total, each one about an hour each-give or take a few minutes. I am currently out of work due to having shoulder surgery, so i was able to watch all 13 quicker than I would normaly knock out a sereis on netflix. Let me tell you, it was hard not to go through all episodes in one sitting. I was hook from episode 1, and the hook stuck through all 13. If I wouldn’t of had other things that had to be done, I may have blown an entire day watching this series and not felt any regret doing so. 

I am not going to do a review on the series, I don’t feel that I could do a review good enough to due the series justice. I guess this is kind of a review of sorts, oh well.

Back to the show. The biggest problem I had with Daredevil is that there is no more episodes to watch.  I really hope they make a second season. This first season was a really good set up for more. I’m not sayng they leave you hanging, that is no the case. They did a decent job closing up the story line. This was a first season, it introduced Daredevil to everyone. I do wish it would have had more of Daredevil as the real Daredevil not the guy in the black mask. They did not portray Daredevil to be an unbeatable superhero, he got beat up pretty good through the season. The fight scene choreography was pretty good—sounds were off but no biggy. I think all-in-all it was well directed and well written. As for the casting I also feel that was well done.

What do I want to see in the next season-hopefully there will be one? I am quite satisfied with the first season, so they need to keep up what they got going.  I just want to watch more, so hopefully we don’t have to wait too long for another 13 epsidose.

Out of five starts I give it a full five. 

Well enough of my blabbing nonsence, If you guys have Netflix and havent checked out Daredevil yet, what are you waiting for you won’t regret it.

J. A. Cunningham

One-Line Monday

Chapter 4, Scene 1 from ‘2013: The Harvest’[1]


Unit 700 stooped down and picked up something off the ground. “Hey guys what is this tiny little species here.” He asked, as he held out his hand.

Unit 42 came over taking a closer look. “That is what humans call a cockroach, or what we call Unit 27’s mother.” He let out a series of short laughs Unit 27, and Unit 201 laughed with him. No one else had any idea what he was talking about.

Unit 700 examined it again. “It appears to be the only thing that survived the final purge.” He squashed it between his thumb and finger, “I thought it would have been tougher than that, being able to withstand the blast and all.”

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One-Line Monday

Chapter 7, Scene 4 from ‘2013: The Harvest’[1]

Unit 27 spun around getting face to face with Unit 201. “I don’t plan on going back without him.” He looked over at Sara, who was being led by Unit 53, “and, I don’t plan on Captain getting this female, she is my slave.”

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One-Line Monday

Chapter 13, Scene 1 from ‘2013: The Harvest’[1]

“Oh, Dad, you’re always trying to ruin my fun.” He pressed a couple more buttons before jumping down. His feet hit the ground just as the door popped open. “Well, look at that, my playing around opened it.” Daniel said with a laugh, as he glanced over at his dad.

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One-Line Monday

Chapter 5, Scene 3 from ‘2013: The Harvest’[1]

The last couple of shots almost hit Ralph again, if he would not have been hunched down the last one would have been a direct head shot. It was his turn now. He estimated the aliens being anywhere from one-hundred yards to two- hundred yards away, and gaining. One being shorter than the other, Ralph chose the taller one to be the first target. The distance was farther than he liked, hoping that with the modifications Jeremy had told them about, and the Infinity Ore ammo he could actually pull this off. Pulling the trigger, he allowed five rounds to fire before releasing. As soon as he had fired, he quickly realigned firing at the shorter one with another five round burst.

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One-Line Monday

Chapter 3, Scene3 from ‘2013: The Harvest’[1]

“On our way.” Herald clipped the radio onto his belt. “Alright folks, looks like it’s time to move out. Tony, I want you and your family at the front of the line. Joshua, Cindy, and Travis you all are up front too. The rest of you that are armed will keep up the back of the line. Your only job is to protect everyone in the middle and of course yourselves. Any questions?”

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One-Line Monday

Chapter 4, Scene 1 from ‘2013: The Harvest’[1]

Unit 27 lead Swarm 5, Captain gave him one order, that was to hunt down Unit 53. If he was found alive they were to contact the Captain immediately. Swarm 5 consisted of Units 27, 42, 315, 201, 449, and 700 all handpicked by the Captain himself. Unit 27 wanted to be on a harvest Swarm, hunting down one of their own was somewhat degrading.

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One-Line Monday

Chapter 15, Scene 1 from ‘2013: The Harvest’[1]

Grant had been keeping up alot better than she thought he would, but then again he did look to be in pretty good shape. Carol had been thinking that he might be some sort of athlete—something she was going to have to ask him about if they survived.

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