I will do my best to keep everyone updated on my current W.I.P and other important stuff going on, here on this page.

Here we are, it is August 10 still not done with The Harvest. I have a few chapters I want to rewrite, and then a final edit. Wish I could put a date on the release, but with my current schedule still tied up – due to my real job – I can not. I did update Chapter 1 here on the site with newly written content.

Well that’s all I got for now. Time to get back to writing.

P.S. Almost forgot. If you haven’t seen it already, I add a short story section.


As of Jun 16, 2013 ‘The Harvest’ book 1 in the 2013 series is nearing completion.  Originally ‘The Harvest’ was due out earlier this year, but with my busy schedule and unseen circumstances the deadline for launch has been postponed. I will give an update on the release date as soon as I know it is a solid date.


July 24 2014

I have been working on some rewriting of 2013: The Harvest. The first book in the series will be out this year with the second book coming out early 2015.

With the changes that have been made to The Harvest, I will be updating the four chapter preview with updated content within the next couple of weeks.


I’m hoping to start One-Line Monday back up soon.

Until next time,
J. A. Cunningham


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