Love Awaits

This short came in second place in a contest held 08/09/2012 by Indies Unlimited click here to see all entries

Love Awaits

By: J. A. Cunnigham

    Sebastian advanced, creeping slowly as to not waken the guard. He hoped there was no miscalculation in the length the guard’s chain would reach. This was his only path to reach his beloved feline princess, Ambrosia. Today is the day they were planning to running a way together. He only needed to get past this flee infested guard.

Sebastian made his move. As he came around the corner, the guard stuck his nose in the air. The smell of cat brought him quickly to his feet. Running to the length of the chain that held him, the guard growled, exposing his canines. Sebastian stood as tall as he could, hissing a warning. As he slipped by, the guard viciously snapped at him. Remembering what his father had taught him, Sebastian raised up on his back legs, exposing his claws, striking at the nose of the guard. His strike was dead on, laying the nose of the guard wide open. The guard quickly retreated, trying to lick the wound he had just received. Sebastian took the opportunity and quickly darted past, getting out of the guards reach. “No dog can keep a cat from his mate.” Sebastian meowed as he headed off to get his princess.

Ambrosia was eagerly awaiting Sebastian’s arrival. She looked down from her open window to see her knight waiting. Sebastian serenaded her with a sweet feline love song, as she leaped down to greet him. They both ran past the whimpering guard, together at last.

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