Friday Night / Saturday Morning

Posted: October 13, 2012 in writing
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It was late at night / early morning, the thunder roared while the lightning lit the path for the storm to follow. Settling down in my cozy recliner coffee in hand, I prepared to lay forth – to digital paper – some new content on my current W.I.P..

With iPad in lap the Bluetooth keyboard all synced, and the Pages app open, I began my quest. The words began to flow – like the rain running down thewindow before me -transforming from my thoughts into little black letters illuminated by the white screen behind them.

My fingers were moving as fast they could. The rumbling of thunder fit perfectly with the mood of the story that I currently lay forth. Everything was going good, until it happened. I never saw it coming, or else, I would have prepared for it. It wasn’t until I had awakened, that I realized what had taken place. Thank god for the backspace, and delete buttons, I had fallen asleep while typing. The thunder storm out side was too soothing.


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